Highland Congregational Church

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Church Classes & Activities for Our Community

Spiritual Group Classes & Meetings

At Highland Congregational Church, we offer group classes, meetings, and activities to help our spiritual community. We want to assist believers and nonbelievers with getting their lives back in order as well. These gatherings include:

Group Bible Class

Periodic Adult Study Series

Join us Wednesday evenings at 5:00 p.m. to attend our Periodic Adult Study Series. This group meets to study and discuss the Bible and other religious texts.

Narcotics & Alcoholics Anonymous

We care about helping anyone who is struggling, especially those who are suffering from narcotics or alcoholic addition. With that being said, anonymous meetings are held at our church to help these individuals get the support they need to get sober or maintain their sobriety.

While Highland Congregational Church doesn't host these meetings, we encourage people with addictions to attend the gatherings. The narcotics anonymous meetings congregate every Thursday night, and the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings gather every Monday night.

Community Giving Garden

Our church has started a beautiful community garden, called Community Giving Garden of Highland. If you are curious about entering the Giving Garden, call our office to schedule a time to enter it with us.